What You Can Learn From a Business Coach

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A business coach can tremendously impact your potential, there are many testimonials across the internet that show that getting a coach is often the best decision and investment a business can make for its future viability.

So, what can a business coach teach you?

Running a business can be likened to being an elite athlete. All elite athletes have coaches that set them apart from the other athletes. The coach helps the athlete to make the right decisions, set the right habits and make progress in honing their athletic abilities and crushing their goals.

A business coach can help you do the same for your business by providing valuable support and advice for you. Below I have listed what you can learn from a business coach.

1. To make better decisions

A business coach can help your confidence, give you support and be a sounding board as you think through decisions that need to be made. Business growth is a series of decisions and actions and having a coach on your side helps you take action, be accountable, focus on the right levers for the results you are looking for and if changes need to be made.

Your business coach helps you personally by understanding why you are in business and what your vision is for yourself and your life and if you need to adjust your priorities. For some entrepreneurs work/life balance is really important and can present a challenge in keeping all the balls in the air.

2. Understanding & aligning your values

Your values will most certainly impact your business and your brand. Your values can be visualized as your compass – your North Star. Your values are one of the reasons you started your business, it’s how you grow your business, it’s how you manage your company and customers and are very closely linked to success or failure.

Your values dictate how you show up in business and in life and many times your values are impacted by your beliefs. Your beliefs create your expectations and if those results have been underwhelming, a coach can help uncover those and work through them and stay true to who you are.

3. Set goals & intentions

A business coach is going to want to know your why, your vision and how you want to work. A coach will want you to set clear goals and intentions for your business and the map to reach those goals.

The business environment is changing quickly, to stay relevant you have to adapt and pivot regularly. A business coach can help you navigate these changes and adopt the strategies in your business to be up to date with the trends of business.

There have been many studies done about goal setting – turns out, if you have goals and write them down you have a 42% higher likelihood of achieving them! Just by writing them down!

A business coach helps you chunk out 30-60-90 day goals and keep you accountable.

4. Identify learning opportunities

To be an entrepreneur is to be a leader of yourself and others. Becoming a good leader is one of the most powerful Leadership advice is one of the things that most helps new entrepreneurs and business owners. If you’re past the startup stage of your business, you’ll find pretty quickly that being a leader is different than being an owner. 

5. Learn how to anticipate & plan

A business coach can help you to look at both sides of the story and on how to approach problems as they occur. The perspective a coach can give you helps you capitalize on your strengths. Your coach can help you cultivate the ability to listen, to break down problems and to problem solve effectively

6. Those very important soft skills

A business coach can coach you to understand what motivates people, how you present yourself, what mindset you operate in and how to be objective in your business. Not knowing can impact your business more than you know. We often get caught up in our own heads and want to see the world the way we want to see it, and not the way it is. Learning these soft skills and in having the right mindset bring measurable gains and successes.

Business coaches can teach you vital skills that will skyrocket your business and your life. If you’re looking for a way to get ahead, connect with me.

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