21 Actions for your business in January

Get yourself organized and on track to have an excellent year in business. Review the actions list below to get ideas of what you can take action on in your business. An organized entrepreneur is a productive entrepreneur!

1. Change the copyright on the footer of emails and websites

Go to your dashboard and change it to 2023. Surely it will impress someone that you’re on the ball.

2. Make a list of all your social media numbers – set goals

Progress can only be measured by measuring it in the first place.  So write down where you are now in January and keep the list. 

3. Get a Scanner or receipt app for your phone 

Start keeping track of invoices, receipts and expenses for your business.  I use Scanner Pro app and scan any receipts that are not electronic and file it on my Google Drive under Business Expenses. 

4. Put your mileage log in the car

Every time you take a trip, write down where you are going or download a mileage tracker app. 

5. Create new folders in email for receipts

I have a folder called Biz Bills 2023 and all my purchases for business go in that folder, from where it’s then uploaded to aforementioned Google Drive.  

6. Add weekly reminders to file income/expenses, numbers, tasks and goals. 

Set the weekly reminder to review your results against your goals. Write what you have accomplished and challenges you’ve had.  Become the CEO of your business. 

7. Identify your risks and what measures you should take

Are your systems and processes up to date? Do you have a back a back-up system? Are your passwords all up to date in the password manager?  What other risks can you protect yourself against?  

8. Analyze the capital needs of your business

How much money will you need this year? What expenses are you considering? Hiring contractors, buying equipment, attending conferences etc?   

9. Change passwords

Now this is a good habit to get into – change them every January – YES, all of them! 

10. Login to your Hosting and Domain Registrar and note dates

When are your domains expiring? Do you really need them or can you part with them? Make sure the credit card on file is updated so there is no change of losing your domains. Check that your hosting package is the relevant one for the traffic your website receives.

11. Review your editorial calendar for the next 12 months

Content is King. Plan what you are going to share for every month. What do you have on your campaign calendar? What are your marketing goals for this year? Set and forget it.  Phew, that removed a lot of stress!

12. Begin (if not already) tasks for your Jan/Feb campaign

How are you serving your audience this month? Do you have the keywords you will be using and how are you solving their problems? 

13. Assess 2022 expenses, review forecasted expenses for 2023

Are there products and services  you don’t need for this year? Or comparable services that save you a few dollars?

14. Organize your computer to make sure 2023 files are easily found

Clean up your folders on your computer and your drives. Follow the same naming conventions across all your platforms and services.

15. Update any brand images and headshots

Yes we are all getting another year older – update that picture. There’s nothing worse than having a picture that is 10 years old and looks nothing like you!

16. Refresh your About Page

Make sure your story is up to date and relevant to the changing times and customers. Check out your bios and about section on all your social channels and directories too. 

17. Add some testimonials in your content

Update your socials/website with the new testimonials you have received this year.  

18. Fix your banking

Make sure your banking is set up correctly and that you remove the friction for customers to buy from you.

19. Thoroughly review your digital presence

A deep dive into your digital presence will uncover where you can update headshots, logo, brand photography, programs, events, ads etc.  

20. Plan your major events for the year

Sit down and write down ONE major event, course, challenge, promotion or ‘thing’ that you are going to run for each month of the next 12 months. Announce them to the world and start getting leads NOW.

21. Completely clear your email inbox and unsubscribe from the junk

Start with cleaning your desk and office space. Throw away anything that you don’t need for running your business.  Then tackle your email inbox.  Archive everything that you don’t need. If there is a task to do – add it to your task list and do it.  Then unsubscribe from all the emails that are going into “read later” folder that you are never reading. 


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