2022 Year End Review / 2023 Business Planning

We are great at planning for family get together’s like Christmas andThanksgiving and spend endless hours planning our wedding, vacations, kid’s parties etc. Tell me, how much time have you spent planning for your business success? Do you have a business plan?

Well, 2022 is near the end and I’d love to share my Canva worksheet that will help you plan for an exceptional 2023. We don’t have to listen and take on the narrative in the media. It does not need to impact our business and lives. We can create what we want by being intentional about what we want and then focusing on that intensely. As you know, our focusing on what we do not want has been working for us – so imagine how much you could achieve by focusing on what you DO want for 2023.

So here it is…

Start with your personal Life Vision: How much money do you need for your life? What type of lifestyle do you want? How do yo build a business to have this life style? What are the targets and goals you need? What are the hobbies you want to pursue and enjoy? Do you want to give back in your local community?

Then Build your Roadmap:

Your simple business success plan: Encompasses People, Strategy, Execution and Cash as well as your overall vision, your annual goals and projects and your core values.

Daily Success Checklist: This checklist has your annual goals, quarterly goals and projects, daily success habits, today’s tasks in relation to your projects and daily reflection on your activities.

This 7 page workbook will help you review 2022 and implement 2023’s plan.

So grab your fave beverage, put on a Spotify playlist & get ready to dig deep into your biz! I am over here cheering for your success!


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