10 Ways to Attract Abundance in Your Life

Everything begins and ends with your mindset.  How you think, feel and act. Literally everything! Every great achievement was once a thought in someone’s mind.  They dared to dream and to believe that it was possible to achieve.  Instead of thinking that’s not for me or I couldn’t possibly do that.  What about you saying “What if”  Our brains do not know the difference between real and imagined, therefore THINK BIG and DREAM BIG

Here are 10 ways for you to attract more abundance into your life.  Abundance is not just money – it’s also good things in abundance.

Notice the abundance around you – every blade of grass, every tree leaf, the plates in your cupboard, the food in your fridge, the hair on your body, your clothes in your closet. Isn’t that a lot of abundance??

Be grateful – this one you know and probably have been told over and over again and its likely that it is still not enough!  Being thankful for what you already have puts you in the place of feeling grateful and abundant, which brings more of the same

Up level your mindset. Embrace change, keep an open mind, say yes to the road less travelled,  Change brings the change you are looking for. 

Reframe your view. If something happened that made you feel bad, how can you reframe it. Can you see the opportunity or learning that came from that obstacle? 

Celebrate the small wins.  Every day you have that goes well is a reason to celebrate. Make small events memorable with celebration.  Have candles and a nice table with your dinner. These moments allow you to focus on what went right and what you can be grateful for. 

Create the reality you want. Most of us are so busy thinking and saying out loud what we DON’T want, thereby bringing that into reality.  Instead start being intentional about what you want and about what you are creating through your thoughts, beliefs, words, feelings and actions.  Think about things about yourself and your life and dreams that empower you, that make you confident and give you motivation and courage to move forward towards your dreams.

Stop Making Excuses. Your future is important! Your decisions decide your choices, which create your destiny. Once you commit to living your dreams, new opportunities will present themselves and you will start to believe in your potential.

Always strive to be better, for you, no one else.  Your potential is unlimited

Add value to others. Make their day, give them a compliment, recognize a co-worker or team member, share your ideas, knowledge or bless others with money. What you give away will come back to you many times over.  Just like breathing, there is plenty air to go around.

Come up with a mantra.  Use this mantra as that extra bit of oomph you need when your tank is empty.  Mine is “I am strong, confident and resilient. I can do this”.  As I lift that 15lb weight towards my face one more time…

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